C.S.A.I. S.p.A. is a STAINLESS STEEL SERVICE CENTRE based in Sesto San Giovanni, near Milan, Italy. We are a major operator in the sector.

We stock stainless steel sheets, cut the material to size and sell all over the world.

With a warehouse of 10.000 tons of stainless steel sheets, CSAI can meet the most different requests in the shortest time.

The stock consists of the following qualities of stainless steel plates:

Austenitic: 304 - 304H - 304L - 304 Improved machinability - 316 - 316L - 316 Improved machinability - 316L Mo + - 317L - 321 - 321H - 347 - 347H - 316Ti

Super austenitic: S31254 - 904L

Heat resistant: 309S - 310S

Duplex: S32304 - S31803 - S32205- S32750 - S32760

Nickel-based alloys: N08825 - N08810 - N06625 - N04400 - N10276

Ferritic: 410S

Martensitic: A410

We are renowned for the availability of high thickness sheets.

Most austenitic qualities are available up to 150 mm thickness.

CSAI offers a series of services relating to the cutting to size of stainless steel sheets. We can deliver particulars cut on size in every requested shape, within the time agreed with the customer.

We have plants for:
We can provide WATER JET CUTTING on demand.

The plate thickness ranges from 3 to 150 mm, the length up to 8000 mm and the width up to 3000 mm.

We guarantee to our clients a product controlled at every stage of production.

We comply with the best standards as certified by national and international organisations.
ISO 9001: 2015 Certificates - IGQ and IQNet